Training & Support

Mosquito & Tick Away Supports Our Team

You will have our support throughout the process with our ongoing training & support team.
You will become an expert on daily operations, equipment knowledge, general maintenance and repair, and utilizing our software technology. We will teach you the best customer support practices so that you can grow and retain your customers year after year. You will enjoy a flexible schedule with higher profits than other franchises and local companies. We’ll explain to you in detail how we can make more profit with less work than most competitors. We will continue to support your growth with effective marketing tools and advertising methods. Mosquito & Tick Away provides the same professional guidance and experience to all franchise locations. Our company-wide operations manual provides a consistent structure so that every location can succeed using the same tools and training guidance.

Comprehensive Manuals and Engaging Assistance Team

By becoming a member of the Mosquito & Tick Away’s franchise community, you’ll integrate into a collective of accomplished entrepreneurs who share your dedication to delivering top-tier mosquito & tick control solutions. Our established business blueprint, responsible for propelling numerous visionaries towards both monetary prosperity and individual satisfaction, will be at your disposal.

Generating Leads

At Mosquito & Tick Away, we possess a proven and highly regarded history of lead generation and business development strategies, resulting in remarkable year-on-year growth. Our approach involves a range of targeted marketing initiatives customized to your specific territory and tailored to reach your desired demographic.

Comprehensive Marketing Assistance

Our skilled marketing experts collaborate with franchisees to craft their yearly marketing strategies, identifying the most effective tactics for the market that ensure optimal returns on investment. Our marketing team’s approach centers on producing contemporary, top-tier advertisements across pertinent platforms, all customized to suit the unique requirements of each individual franchisee.

Building Customer Loyalty and Retention

What distinguishes us from other pest control businesses is our proven commitment to providing an exceptional client experience. From the first inquiry to our end-of-season treatments, our customer base is well aware that we stand by them for all their outdoor pest control requirements. Our unwavering dedication to delivering quality treatments and industry-leading customer service is at the core of our approach.