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Understanding the Value of Our Franchise Fee and Its Inclusions
If you’re curious about our franchise fee and what it encompasses, you’ve come to the right place. While we specifically address our franchise fee, the underlying concept applies to franchising companies in general.

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The franchise fee is a one-time, upfront payment that grants you access to the Mosquito Tick Away brand and a wide range of benefits.

This fee allows you to leverage our proprietary formulas, vendors, software, in-house services, and more.

Specific details about the franchise fee can be found in Item 5 of our comprehensive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). We take pride in our franchise fee being recognized within the franchising industry as a remarkable opportunity.

Here are some of the exceptional benefits enjoyed by our franchisees

It’s not just about the price point; it’s about the substantial value you receive when partnering with us.

Initial Training and Ongoing Training

Full utilization of our Sales Support Team

Company Intranet
Assistance with Employee Recruitment and Training
Protected Territories
Access to Local and Regional Marketing Campaigns
Support Database with a wealth of tips, guides, manuals, and fact sheets
Growth Mentorship, Training, and Consulting
Industry-Leading Command Center with Scheduling, Routing, and Billing Software
Access to National Marketing Campaigns

We would be delighted to discuss the additional inclusions provided within our franchise fee. Rest assured, we won’t pressure you into a conversation. We are genuinely interested in dedicated and ambitious individuals who possess the drive to run a highly profitable business. If you believe you have what it takes, kindly fill out the form, and let’s connect.