First Responder Discount Program

Special Franchising Discounts for First Responders

Honoring Those Who Make a Difference in Their Communities
At Mosquito & Tick Away®, we deeply appreciate the efforts of first responders who tirelessly contribute to making their communities better. Alongside our U.S. Military and First Responders program, we have established a First Responder Discount Program, which may offer up to a $2,500 discount to eligible franchisees. Our program extends to firefighters, law enforcement personnel, emergency medical technicians, teachers, and educational administrative staff.

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Franchise benefits available to you:

Franchise Fee Discount of up to $2,500
SBA-Approved Franchise Financing
Our proven business model is designed to maximize your success and contribute to the growth of our brand. Through our First Responder program, you can establish a thriving Mosquito Tick Away territory, achieve financial independence, and build a profitable business.

We Have Your Back

Start your franchise journey supported by a brand that is already operating at full speed.
We provide all the necessary marketing materials, truck wrap, company website, public relations, and more. Imagine how much easier your job becomes when people have already seen or heard about Mosquito & Tick Away through various channels.

The leadership team at Mosquito & Tick Away takes your mosquito control franchise business seriously. We maintain a fully staffed corporate operations team that is readily available to support you. With one of the lowest initial investments in the industry, it’s like having your own squadron of support.

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