About the Owners

Dan Cahill

the President and founder of Mosquito & Tick Away

Dan has an extensive background in the service industry and has a military background, college education in business, tax, and accounting, and several years of corporate and consulting experience for national firms. Dan is happy to share his model and experiences with people that are ready to join a winning team. Consistency and on-time quality service results in exponential growth in a short period of time and Mosquito & Tick Away uses top notch tools, technology, and support to maintain these standards. Our company was built from the ground up with all the lessons learned from hands on experience. Dans goal since 2009 has always been to build a national Mosquito & Tick Control company. The challenges that have been conquered so far, the knowledge that has been gained through trial and error, and the personal growth that has resulted from the journey so far all factor into the decision to begin franchising the Mosquito & Tick Away company starting in 2022.

Carolyn Cahill

Dans wife Carolyn is a strong part of the company

She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Umass Dartmouth University. Carolyn brings several years of marketing, sales, and office management experience to the company and truly gives Mosquito & Tick Away the family value. Carolyn is pleasant to deal with which makes day to day communications enjoyable.

“A better way to keep
bugs away”